The project was designed following sustainable principles such as: use of organic materials, zero-waste management, support local craftsmen, use of renewable energy, water treatment management, organic garden, etc. Our operations reiterate our commitment to sustainability through powerful initiatives and infrastructure. We invite you to experience Galapagos in a more conscious way, taking active part in the conservation of the islands and supporting local economy by supporting local businesses.

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Solar energy

With the help of photovoltaic panels and solar heating panels we proudly operate our Lodge ecologically.

Waste Management

The waste management system in Isabella Island is very complicated therefore we encourage our guests to dispose garbage accordantly and reduce it as much as possible. We use some of the organic waste for our garden. We have our own water treatment plant and are able to recycle all sewage water.

Organic Garden

We are proud to cultivate our organic herbs and fruits from our organic garden and we are even more happy to share it with our guests. Guests are free to use all herbs to make fresh tea in their kitchens or even nurse their skin with their self-made Aloe Vera after sun lotion.

Social and environmental Engagement

We are very proud to be the best example of sustainable management in the island. We are aware that everything we do has an impact to our environment, that is why we work actively with the community and encourage a sustainable approach in all activities. We work together with the Hotelier Association on the island and have become specialists in the area of conservation and sustainable management. We also work actively in beach cleaning activities in cooperation with the national park.

Conscious Operations

Our commitment to sustainability can be seeing in every aspect. We are proud to be the first island residents to use an electric vehicle for all our operational activities. We have a strict policy in the use of only biodegradable substances for housekeeping and in the Lodge. We encourage our guests to use organic and ocean safe sunscreens as well as other beauty products. All our amenities are also biodegradable. The use of energy in our installations is permanently controlled and all our equipment has energy saving certificates.