December 2021

Galapagos Islands Entry obligatory Requirements

For all people older tan 16 years old

  • Proof of completed COVID-19 vaccination (at least 14 days from the last shot)
  • Negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test at least 72 hours before your departure flight to Ecuador

For all people between 2 and 16 years old

* Negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test at least 72 hours before your departure flight to Ecuador

In addition

  • Medical travel insurance
  • Pre register in the following link to obtain your Card at the airport Galapagos Transit Control Card (online or in the airport)
  • Mandatory digital health declaration of the traveler when boarding the airline. If you were unable to access the digital platform, please submit the physical form, those who filled it out digitally do not need to print it.
    Platform link:
  • Galapagos National Park entrance fee (at arrival in the airport)

Our compromise

At Chez Manany your health, quality of service and your well-being has always been our priority, today in times when we are threatened by an infection such as COVID19, our standards of disinfection, cleaning and hygiene are our greatest concern as we adopt biosafety protocols, supported by the Ministry of Tourism, national Emergency Operations Committee (EOC) , WHO and OSHA in health emergencies. You can feel protected with us!

At Chez Manany all the needs of our guests will be taken care of, avoiding any unnecessary contact with other Guests, respecting at all times the rules of distance and biosafety. Now we face a new challenge and we want to assure you and let you know that we are taking all the necessary measures to increase your safety, ours, and the community’s.

Our comfortable and secluded Lodge is perfect for a stress-free vacation. We only have 3 units with large spaces, avoiding direct contact with other guests. We are closely monitoring the World Health Organization guide, Robert-Koch Institute protocols and guidelines about the country’s situation, with the Emergency Operations Center, national and local EOC of Galapagos and Isabela Island, regarding the spread of the virus.

Since December 2018, we started an association of colleagues in tourist accommodation AHOTISA, whose objective is to get a better, high quality and sustainable approach with our customers, and now more than ever, we try to promote a new concept in the new normality of customer service, especially with responsibility for the safety of our guests, our partners and the community. That is why we are planning to have a stockpile of biodegradable and disinfection products specifically for COVID19, avoiding excessive handling and at the same time ensuring that all our partners can offer the same security to our guests.

We are working closely with the Ministry of Tourism and have incorporated and trained our employees to react quickly and effectively in cases of suspected COVID 19 in our establishment. We have a manual of biosecurity protocols in such cases.


Our personalized service will help us now more than ever in the pre-check in procedures, continuing with our rule of reservations and induction to our establishment from the comfort of your home, and can enter the unit, directly on arrival.

We ask our guests and staff to keep as much as possible a distance of no less than two meters, complying with the rules of distance.

In the main entrance area it will be a rule to disinfect your shoes to enter the interior of Chez Manany, for this purpose we will use a disinfectant mat and continue with the custom of removing our shoes to enter each unit.

Regular cleaning and disinfection of the common areas according to the established internal norms of hygiene. The use of biodegradable products, as an obligation due to the type of sustainable building we have, will be reinforced by the fogging of an appropriate disinfection product on surfaces, with the guest’s permission, and on their outings to enjoy nature.

Our hygiene standards will be even stricter, cleaning the entrance areas to each unit and after each stay. For the safety of our guests, we have established a closing day for each unit after the end of a guest’s stay for a deep disinfection cleaning and necessary ventilation.

Regular cleaning of contact surfaces such as keys, door handles, handrails, light switches, etc.

A pedestal dispenser with ethyl alcohol and alcohol gel is available for use in the garden or outside the waiting room (outside lobby).


We have also expanded our services for your safety. We now offer our guests food baskets to avoid going to the supermarket. A personalized service will be offered, according to the client’s taste and diet, for their breakfasts, picnics, dinners, etc.

We will be happy to deliver your food basket!


Due to the current situation, we are receiving more and more cancellation requests. Please note the following:
– You can change the dates of your stay free of charge for once.
– Depending on the change of date, during a year or in high season, there may be small difference in rates. The reason for this change of date must be related to the COVID19 and this has to be confirmed by the authorities in your country or ours.
– All our bookings are non-refundable. Of course, it is important for us to have a mutual agreement between our guests and our Logde. If you wish to postpone or cancel your reservation, please contact us directly to find an individual solution for your reservation or call us. However, as the situation is also a special challenge for the whole hotel industry, we ask for your understanding if goodwill regulations are not always possible.
– We recommend that guests who have booked through an online platform, travel agencies or other external providers contact their reservation provider for further assistance.